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Caterpillars Gymnastics

Our parent/toddler gymnastics class will explore movement with the safety of mom, dad or caregiver nearby introducing basic motor skills and gymnastics movement in our bright and fun space.  We venture through an evolving obstacle course, beam balancing area, bar swinging area, and trampoline jumping area with a variety of skills and experiences planned each week. 

ages 15 months - 3

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Butterflies Gymnastics

Our preschool gymnastics class introduces basic gymnastics skills and is a great foundation for other sports.  Students will learn how to warm up their bodies before exercise and stretch their muscles with some fun themes and games mixed in.  They will then rotate to a floor and obstacle course area, beam balancing area, bar swinging area, trampoline jumping area.  This class is instructor lead and parent involvement is limited.  For parent involved classes please check out our Caterpillars class!

ages 3 - 5

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why this class sparkles

  *Quality parent/child time 

  *Mobility training in a soft & safe         environment

  *Visually interesting &                         themed environment & props

  *Social interaction with other              toddlers & parents

   *skill building for sports readiness 


why this class sparkles

  *Independent time in class with an       instructor

  *Gymnastics skill progressions with        drills & fun activities

  *Visually interesting &                         themed environment & props

  *Social interaction with other               students

   *skill building for sports readiness 


Our Fairytale Ballet class for girls & boys ages 4 -6 will introduce formal Ballet movements, positions and choreography through fairytale themes & music. Use of imaginative props keeps students engaged and learning in this wonderful introduction to ballet!

Our Swan Ballet 1 class for girls & boys ages 5+ will continue emphasis on formal Ballet movement, positions and choreography. Ballet bar work, center floor and across the floor combinations will prepare students for themed choreography to Classic Storybook Ballets using fun and imaginative music & props.

ages 4- 12

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Bumble Bees Gymnastics

Our youngest grade school class is best for children ages 5-7.  Skills and equipment are designed specifically for this group.  Students will warm up and stretch then travel to the obstacle course and floor, beam, bar and trampoline areas.  Specific skills are introduced in a progressional manner as students are ready.

ages 5-7

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Fireflies Gymnastics

This grade school class is great for upper elementary students of all levels and more advanced lower elementary students.  Skills and equipment are designed specifically for this group.  Students will warm up and stretch then travel to the obstacle course and floor, beam, bar and trampoline areas.  Specific skills are introduced in a progressional manner as students are ready. In addition we introduce some body weight stretching and strength techniques.

ages 7-9

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Hip Hop

Jumping with style and flair this class features street style movements set to energetic music inspired by iconic Hip Hop Sounds.

ages 5-9

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Enrollment guide

Choose the appropriate class category for your child's interests and age by reading through the class descriptions. Select "register" on any open class to register online.  Our registration form will automatically select the next available class on the calendar as your start date. To select a different start date please specify your preferred date in the comments section at the end of the registration form. Select "waitlist" to add your name to any waitlisted class.  

Students enrolling in multiple classes will receive a 10% discount on all additional classes. Families with more than one student will receive a sibling discount of 10% for additional students and there are no registration fees for any of our classes or events. We are not currently offering a "free trial class". 


Registration accepted at any point in the year as space is available. Tuition is a monthly fee and is prorated according the next calendar day the class meets or a specific requested start date. (please specify on the registration form) 


Scheduled closures 2024-2025


Thanksgiving 11/25-11/30

Holiday 12/23-1/1 resumes 1/2)

Spring Break 3/17-3/22

Summer Break 6/30-7/5

Tuition is averaged for a consistent monthly payment and accommodate for longer and shorter months around scheduled holiday closures.

Jazz Tap

Jazz dance combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with the current forms of popular dance.  Jazz also has its own movement vocabulary and can take on many different characteristics and styles, including Street Jazz, Percussive, Broadway, Contemporary and Lyrical. Emphasis is on the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style.  Add tap shoes, movement and rhythm in and you have our unique combo class.

ages 5-9

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Health & Safety

The safety and health of our students and our team are of utmost importance. Our facility will follow local guidelines while respecting any personal exemptions. We uphold a 100% well policy for all students and family to attend. Masks are optional and we continue to follow local and state guidelines. Regular cleaning of surfaces is scheduled at intervals throughout the day. At our check in point only registered students and family are admitted beyond into the facility.  We recommend hand cleaning when entering the facility and after class, and removal of shoes at our check in point to keep our space fresh and clean.

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